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on-demand pickup and delivery service

POSitively Ticks (Conclusion): Point Of Sale buying tips

American Drycleaner
Nick Chapleau, CEO and co-founder of garment care software firm Starchup, based in Brooklyn, N.Y. reminds you to, “Do your research and talk to existing users about the platform. How does the POS system’s payment processing affect their business? How is the customer support? Does the company go the extra mile for its customers, or are you just another number? How often is the software updated, and how open is the company to suggested improvements?” Read more...

Point Of Sale becomes a game-changer for drycleaning owners

POSitively Ticks (Part 1): Here’s how Point Of Sale becomes a game-changer for drycleaning owners

American Drycleaner
Another one of those firms helping to make this evolving POS tech continue ticking upward, is garment care software firm Starchup, based in Brooklyn, N.Y.

This company’s platform, notes Nick Chapleau, CEO and co-founder, “Includes: POS, customer relationship management (CRM), plus customer-facing mobile and web apps and an integrated marketing solution. We automate your garment care business so you can do more for less.” Read more...

on-demand pickup and delivery service

The Night Lane (Omni Channeling Your Services)

American Drycleaner
Bleier’s company also offers a premium, on-demand pickup and delivery service through a partnership with the web- and platform-based firm Starchup. “With this service, customers simply download our app from the Google Play or Apple iTunes store for free.” Read more...

Integrated Point of Sale

Starchup Teams Up With Maineline And Fabricare Systems

Cleaner & Launderer
Starchup, a leading digital solution for the garment care industry, has integrated with the Compassmax POS and Fabricare Manager POS to add web and mobile app ordering, marketing and routing technology to their in-store point of sales systems. Read more...

On-demand drycleaning service

Washio Washout, On-demand drycleaning service shuts down

American Drycleaner
Washio, the Santa Monica, Calif.-based on-demand laundry and drycleaning service, has shut down its operation, the founders announced Aug. 29 on their website. “We see this as a confirmation that the on-demand model is not easily applied to the drycleaning and laundry industry,” says Nick Chapleau, CEO for Starchup. Read more...

R.R. Street teams up with Starchup

R.R. Street & Co. Inc – Adco Teams Up With Starchup

Cleaner & Launderer
R.R. Street & Co. Inc (Street) is excited to announce an exclusive reseller agreement with Starchup, a technology-platform company for the professional cleaning industry. Starchup provides cleaners with an all-in-one digital solution that helps attract new customers and demographics, increase orders, and reduce costs. Read more...

Proctor and Gamble Tide Subscription

P&G Starts Online Subscription Service for Tide Pods

The Wall Street Journal
For decades, Procter & Gamble Co. has relied on retailers, from local groceries to giants, such as Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and Inc., to sell its razors, shampoo and diapers. Now the consumer-products company is looking for ways to cut out the middleman. Read more...

Operations Management

13 Leadership Lessons From Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans

Inc Magazine
Daniel Tobon joined the military right out of high school, then capped off his post-deployment education with degrees in political science and law. Yet, the time he spent working with his father—the operations manager for one of the largest coin operated laundry chains in the Midwest—inspired his most successful business to date. Read more...

Laundry apps

The Future of On-Demand Laundry Services

American Dry Cleaners
The ease with which consumers can connect with businesses through the apps on their smartphones or the websites accessible from their personal computers has never been greater. Read more...

Tide on-demand

Tide set to take a Spin in Chicago's on-demand laundry market

Blue Sky Innovations
To be a Chicagoan in 2016 is to live in a world where it’s possible to never set foot inside a restaurant, a cobbler or a grocery store. And for those who don’t know bleach from Borax, the past two years have brought a steady stream of new on-demand laundry and dry cleaning services. Read more...

Helping dry cleaners

How Starchup helps dry cleaners by getting out of their way

BuiltIn Chicago
One startup has found a way to foster on-demand laundry service, without getting its own hands dirty. Unlike similar companies, Starchup, based in Chicago, is not involved with the actual cleaning or actual delivering. Rather, the startup, which for the last year has been building and deploying white label apps for dry cleaners and laundry businesses. Read more...