Engage Customers with Automated Email & SMS Marketing on Starchup's Dry Cleaning and Wash & Fold Software

Starchup's integration with Active Campaign enables custom email campaigns sent to the right people at the right time without lifting a finger.

Create attractive dry cleaning and wash & fold email campaigns to engage your customers and make announcements

Create Attractive Custom Campaigns

Starchup's integration with Active Campaign leverages a powerful email builder to create and send customized and personalized campaigns to your Starchup customer list. When customers and orders are added to or updated in Starchup, that information is synced with Active Campaign.

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Automate Customer Engagement

Convert more sign ups and engage more customers with automated email and SMS automations. Create triggers and conditions - such as order count, last order date, and total spend - to ensure that the right people get the right messages at the right time.

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Create automated lead an customer engagement funnels to convert more prospects and keep more customers
Maintain your website sign-ups alongside your Starchup app sign-ups to keep all of your engagement in one place.

All of Your Contacts in One Place

Use Active Campaigns website integrations - webforms, chat, analytics - to engage your website visitors while maintaining your contacts all in one CRM. Create contact lists and tags to ensure that your contacts are always in the right place and receiving the right messaging.

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