Dry Cleaning & Laundry Pickup and Delivery Software

Take control of delivery with easy order placement, optimized routes, customer communication, and driver tracking.

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Use Starchup's acquisition tools to attract new customers and orders automatically added to your routes, import routes from previous systems, or manually add new orders with a few taps. And don't worry: our team is here to help you as you get started!

Customer Acquisition Tools

Manage Your Service

Receive notifications of new orders, manage and detail current orders, and collect payment from our management dashboard. Communicate directly with customer via text message or email through the Starchup Customer Management System.

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Manage Dry Cleaning & Laundry Customers and Orders on Starchup's Software System
Save Driver Time & make routes more efficient with Starchup's Delivery Management Software System

Save Driver Time

Turn on the Starchup Skip Text to let your regular customers know you’re coming. If they respond 'skip', they are automatically removed from your manifest. No more wasted time on no-shows!

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Automated Notifications

As stops are completed, your customers receive automated notifications about their pickups and deliveries. They can also check their order statuses on your app or website.

Customer Acquisition Tools
Automate delivery customer SMS & Email messaging with Starchup's Management Software System
Track your drivers in real time with Starchup's Dry Cleaning & laundry delivery Management Software System

Track Your Driver’s Progress

Check your driver's immediate location, see a time-stamped record of stops, and gain insight into the progress of your routes in real time.

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