Grow Faster with Starchup's Dry Cleaning & Wash Dry Fold Software

Starchup's cloud-based point of sale combines modern technology, design, and customer care techniques with dry cleaning and laundry best practices.

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All-in-one Garment Care Platform

Simplify your operations with a custom system to manage your store, delivery, and customers, without having to use third-party apps to get the service you need. Get all you want, pay for only what you need. Check out our recommended hardware. Check out our recommended hardware.

All in One Integrated Software for Wash Dry Fold & Dry Cleaning POS System

Cloud-based software

Access your customers, reports, employee activities, order statuses, and more from anywhere on any device, at no added cost. Our weekly product updates happen without invasive installations so you can enjoy new features as soon as they are released.

Cloud-based Dry Cleaning & Wash Dry Fold Software System Access software from anywhere

Robust Production & Operations Management

Manage your stores, plant, and employees down to the last garment. Support for heat seal barcodes and robust garment inventorying makes detailing items a breeze while you a build a virtual wardrobe for your customers. Track garments throughout the order process and see a full history of who worked on it and where. Use Starchup's assisted assembly program to quickly prepare orders for pickup or delivery, or take advantage of our auto-assembly integrations with all of the leading conveyor systems. Easily manage your employee's time clock, system permissions, and activities.

Wash Dry Fold & Dry Cleaning POS System to manage Store and plant operations

Flexible Payment Solutions

Starchup's flexible approach to payment processing solutions keeps the leverage where it belongs - with our customers. Choose from a variety of payment processors or use your own!

Dry Cleaning & Wash Dry Fold Software System flexible Payment processing

Delivery Management

Take control of your delivery service with route optimization, driver tracking, and real-time stop updates. Delight your customers with reminder SMSes sent the day before a pickup, pickup and delivery notifications, and even a picture of their clean clothes on the doorstep. Give your driver mapping, a digital manifest, and instant communication with customers through the Starchup Driver App. Learn more

Wash Dry Fold & Dry Cleaning POS System Laundry Delivery Optimization

Marketing & Customer Management

Manage your customer relationships from the first ad they click and app download to the stellar review they give your service. Starchup's Customer Relationship Management system enables you to automatically send customers emails and text messages at different stages of the order process. Communicate directly with your customer and maintain a record of that communication along with their order history. Learn more

Dry Cleaning & Wash Dry Fold Software System Customer Relationship Management system

Loyalty & Rewards Programs

Encourage your loyal customers to spend more with you - and reward them for doing so - with customer loyalty and rewards programs. You set the pricing, loyalty tiers, and rewards, and customers track points in their app and receive achievement notifications via SMS.

Dry Cleaning & Wash Dry Fold Software System Loyalty and Rewards Programs

Reporting & Analytics

Technology to track everything - Customer, Orders, Garments, Performance, Employees - and easy-to-use visual reporting and spreadsheet downloads to fit your needs.

Wash Dry Fold & Dry Cleaning POS System Reporting and tracking

Dedicated Customer Support

Responsive internal customer support available seven days a week via chat, email, SMS and phone. Our reputation for impeccable support has been built over years of emphasis on our customer's positive experience as paramount to our success.

Dry Cleaning & Wash Dry Fold Software System Dedicated Support Team

Easy to Upgrade from Your Current POS!

  • Import your customer and garment data quickly and accurately.
  • No startup cost.
  • Simple intutive interface, dedicated training, live chat to support your team's onboarding.
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