Trust the Original Experts in Laundry & Dry Cleaning Locker Technology

Starchup's locker partner DropLocker™ was founded in 2005 with the vision that brought locker-based dry-cleaning delivery to market. Droplocker developed and patented Angled Garment locker 16 years ago, and we have been perfecting the locker model ever since.

Starchup combines a powerful laundry business management software platform with advanced patented locker equipment. Dry cleaning, laundry, and delivery businesses trust Starchup when looking to grow their businesses.

Specially Designed to Protect Clothing

What Makes Our Lockers Better

  • Patented angled lockers allow for freshly cleaned clothing to drape inside, eliminating the risk of wrinkles

  • Built-in interior bars in top and bottom lockers

  • Wide locker design provides ample space for both wash & fold delivery and larger hanging orders

  • Built for dry cleaning and laundry with 15+ years of in-market testing and refinement

Other Locker Companies

  • Flat-bottom design results in crumpled clothes

  • Thin lockers don’t allow residents to drop off clothes for cleaning

  • Heavy and oversize orders must be lifted to top compartments

  • Compartment sizes are not optimized for efficient deliveries or larger orders

Trust the patented original locker technology partner

The DropLocker patented system was designed specifically for dry cleaning and laundry and then refined over 15+ years of perfection.

The Starchup Difference

Handle all of your garment care and delivery items

Lockers handle wash and fold, dry cleaning, shoe shine, and package deliveries.

Modular locker units to fit all spaces

Lockers are modular units, easily
capable of adding or removing units to accommodate usage and space

Fit laundry orders without using multiple lockers or affecting product

Size fits standard and most oversized laundry orders without splitting
orders into multiple lockers or affecting clothing finish.

Patented angle lockers designed specifically for garment care

Patented angle locker design allows delivery of longer garments without compromising finish.

Stacked design for wash & fold orders

Stacked locker design allows
for delivery of heavier wash &
fold items to bottom lockers
for safety purposes.

Easy instalation, grows with you

Easily installs and
expands with
common tools.

Uses most advanced & secure German-engineered locks.

LS 200 locks

  • RFID no-touch key for operator entry

  • ADA compliant

  • 3+ year battery life with daily use, easily replaced.

  • Lockers also work with other locks (inquire with Starchup)

black lockers.

We have 75 custom
colors available

  • Small minimum of 4 lockers

  • FREE CUSTOM COLOR available with container minimums

  • Get full pricing details from DropLocker

Starchup provides the software you need to get the most from your locker service

Starchup provides the laundry lockers and software that laundromats and dry-cleaners need when looking to provide better service to their customers.

Locker Specifications


  • Dimensions per tower: 15”W X 22”D X 81”H

  • Each tower has 2 angled lockers with digital locks

No internet or power required!

Install: Anchors easily to walls with 2x4 centered at 5-feet height
Flexible: Modular units are capable of additions and subtractions to accommodate usage and space requirements at 5-feet height
No cost after initial purchase: Completely free service for property owners — no setup fees, no maintenance, no power requirements
4 uses in 1: Lockers handle wash & fold, dry cleaning, shoe shine, and package deliveries (via DropLocker channel)
Starchup provides the software you need to get the most from your locker service
Starchup provides the software you need to get the most from your locker service

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